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Jerusalema Dance Challenge: Are you up for the challenge ?


"Jerusalema" a song that has sparked a dance challenge around the world, written by Master KG (real name is Khaogelo Moagi), featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo.

The song was popularised around the world after 19 June 2020 when Master KG and Nigerian star Burna Boy collaborated in the virtual space to release the Jerusalema remix. 

The dance, according to Master KG was popularised by a group in Angola, when a group of friends recorded the video of the the dance and from there the reat was history... The video went viral and the challenge then spread like wild fire on the social media platform Tik Tok.

We challenge you to take part in the global dance craze and share your video on line, or with us and we will add it to our page to share. We have collected a set of videos that have been shared online. We hope you enjoy them!!


1.  Hoerskool Bergblam Jerusalema Grade 12 Dance Challenge


2. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Jerusalema Dance Challenge

3. First 'World Record' Jerusalema Dance Challenge


4. Italy Jerusalema Dance Challenge


5. Jerusalema official World Wide Video 


6. Thats Right The Teletubbies Jerusalema Dance Challenge

7. Original PERFORMANCE: “Jerusalem” – Master KG ft. Nomcebo


Lyrics for the song English :

Jerusalem is my home
Guard me
Walk with me
Do not leave me here Jerusalem is my home
I'm not perfect
Came from ruthless times
As a juvenile Guard me
Do not leave me here
Look into my eyes
See my pain and sacrifice
What goes in my mind
Struggling to survive
Guard me
Do not leave me here If you get caught in town, then it's from nooks to crannies I'm sought after on the street
Without hide and seek I don't care Time see me solo
From obscurity to stardom
Guard me
My place is not here
Guard me
Walk with me



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