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Popular South African Food Ads (How many do you remember word for word?)


If you had a TV set in the 80s and 90's :) and you were a couch potato, you totally going to remember all these popular South African food advertisements.

But if not, its ok, you will have a good laugh and it certainly will bring back some good fond memories :)

Are you able to remember them all word for word ? :) Let's see!


1. Chomp



If you were an 80's kid you will remember how the little hippo sniped the chomp at the last minute, just to prove to his Dad that he is certainly big enough to eat a chomp bar.

2. Oros


Oh,oh,oh,oh Oros keeps playing like a number 1 hit song in my head:) If that was the intention of the advertiser , they certainly hit the nail on the head. By the way, the Naartjie gong certainly got me cracking :).

3. Lunch Bar


The classic lunch bar ad, filled with nuts, toasty rice (i think rice crispies) and caramel wafer all enclosed in cadbury's dairy milk chocolate...ooo i can just taste it right now. Not to mention the infamous Makatini himself :) and the long pause when he throws the log:) 

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4. Simba Chips 


We know that every potatoe chip aspired to be a SIMBA chippee, but only AAA grade chips made the cut, cause SIMBA was the King of snacks of coarse and simply Roarrrr with flavour! especially Mexican chilli lol:)

5. Redro


My all-time favourite, the Redro ad. Fish paste and toast a match made in heaven. Enjoy!

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