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34 Ways To Know You A South African (Number 30 is our favourite)

We all carry our little South Africanisms through life with us. Let's face it, we're better human-beings because of them.

And even if you're not South African, maybe you got married to one or a friend of one and sometimes you just don't get them.

This blog post is for you! For the South African, it will bring a little sunshine to your day.  For those who know South Africans, well hopefully it will bring you a little closer to who they really are.

Today we will be sharing "34 Ways To know You A South African".


You Know You're South African When...


1.Nelson Mandela will always be your President.

Nelson Mandela Will Always Be Your President


2. You feel sorry for foreigners who have not tasted biltong.

Pronutro and Mielie Pap

3. You think, correct, and express yourself in 3 different languages.

4.You call a bathing suit a cozzie.

You Call A Bathing Suit Cozzie

5. We have braai's because 'BBQ' is a chip flavour.

We Have Braai

6.We use "Must" completely out of context.

We us "MUST" to complete a sentence

7.You know all the rules of rugby even if you don't play it.

8.You feel sorry for foreigners who have never tasted biltong.

9.You almost cried when Chad Le Clos beat Micheal Phelps in the London Olympics.

Almost Cried Chad Le Clos

10.You can only speak one language fluently, out of the 11 official languages.

Speak only one offical language

11.You know every word of the national anthem but don't know what most of it means.

12. You would do anything to relive the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

13. Food, what more can we say...

14. You have a Blackberry and can't live without BBM.

15. You have to wear school uniform.

16. You don't know the street names, cause the names of most of streets has changed.

17. Movie releases like 6 months after America.


Viv Grainger on May 08 2020 at 10:35AM

Well I am a true Brit but spent 25 years in SA. Of course I understood all of the above.
Makes me long most evenings for a lekker walk along the Strand xx

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