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Steers Special Seasoning Salt 200ml You may recognise this seasoning salt from our famous, fresh, handmade chips. But we thought that it's far too delicious to keep to ourselves. So now you can add a bit of extra flavour to... Click Here For Details


Steers Monkey Gland Sauce 375ml When it comes to burgers and ribs our monkey gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it... Click Here For Details


Steers Rave Sauce 375ml We named this sauce according to how it makes you feel. Use this tangy blend of fresh dill on burgers and potato salads and you'll definitely have something to rave about. Click Here For Details

A choice selection of Africa's favourite condiments and favourites ranging from the infamous Nando's Peri Peri sauce to Mrs Ball Orignal Recipe Chutney