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South Africa’s favourite, Jelly Tots, has been around since 1968. That’s more than forty years of fun, flavour and adventure! They have been voted amongst SA’s top 10 most popular sweets several years in a row, along with many other... Click Here For Details

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Mister Sweets Legendary Chocolate Speckled Eggs Soft jelly eggs smothered in a delicious dairy milk chocolate, covered with a crisp candy coating, that simply melts in your mouth.Every bite of these speckled eggs leads to another and before you know it... Click Here For Details


Life Is Fruity Maynards Juicy KaBoom sweets are packed with so much flavour that they are just about ready to explode! With Maynard's Juicy KaBoom Game you must squish as many sweets as you can before your time runs out! The... Click Here For Details


"The Orginal Play Food"  When you think liquorice…you think Beacon Allsorts! That's because we're the number one liquorice sweet in South Africa. Beacon Allsorts offers the best fun eating experience (for both liquorice and non-liquorice eaters) with a whole range of... Click Here For Details