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Cadbury Chomp Party Pack Cadbury Chomp chocolate is a delicious caramel treat wrapped in smooth milk chocolate.   Ingredients Sugar, Vegetable fat (partially hydrogenated), Glucose Syrup, Whey powder (milk), Wheat flour (Gluten), Invert sugar syrup, Cocoa powder, Emulsifiers (Soya) (E322, E476,... Click Here For Details

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Peppermint CRISP, peppermint cool. The cool, fresh minty taste of Peppermint CRISP literally takes your breath away. Creamy Nestlé milk chocolate wrapped around a crunchy peppermint filling.It’s peppermint. It’s cool.  Click Here For Details


Beyers Sweetie Pies Vanilla pack of 6.  A delicious mallow centre covered in delectable Beyers chocolate.  Everyone's favourite soft spot.   Produced in the Republic of South Africa. Click Here For Details


PASSIONS: Nestlé’s Greatest Hits. Enjoy your favourite Nestlé chocolates in the widest selection of miniature chocolates available in bite-size pieces. Choose from TEX, BAR-ONE, AERO, Peppermint CRISP, ROLO and Crisp Wafer. Click Here For Details


A deliciously rich and creamy milk chocolate bubbly bar, bursting with creaminess from the inside out! A mouthful of creaminess in every bubble. Made with the generosity of a Glass and a Half of milk and the finest cocoa, it's soft and... Click Here For Details


Cadbury Dairy Milk is South Africa's best-loved chocolate. Made with the generosity of a Glass and a Half of milk and the finest cocoa, its big chocolaty taste opens your heart to joy. Perfect for treating yourself or sharing amongst... Click Here For Details