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4 Delicious Robertsons Spice Master Class Recipes With Celebrity Chef Reuben Riffel

Are you ready to become a Robertson's Spice Master? 

Enjoy these 4 Delicious Robertson's Spice Master Class recipes,  that will teach you how to combine herbs and spices transforming your everyday meal into a flavourful culinary journey. 

1. A Simple Roast Chicken Recipe

A simple roast chicken recipe that is easy to prepare for busy families. Simply cover your chicken with some sunflower oil, add a dash of Robertson's chicken spice and mixed herbs; a touch of freshly ground pepper; and some salt. 

Recipe Ingredients:

2. Rosemary Baked Lamb Chops

This is a easy baked rosemary lamb chops master class that will get you the juiciest lamb chop flavours that you've always loved. 

Recipe Ingredients:

3. Golden Chilli Stywepap (Stiff Mielie Meal)

Stywe pap is a classic South African dish. It is normally served as an accompaniment to any braai (aka BBQ) . 

Recipe Ingredients:

 4. Coconut Peri-Peri Prawn Recipe

This delicious lip-smacking Coconut Peri Peri Prawn Master Class will take you on a gastronomical experience, and leave your guests wanting more!

Recipe Ingredients:


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